SiJ 15 16

SiJ 15 16

This is the camera I shot my first image on when I was three and a half years old. A Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Prima with Pantar 45mm f/2.8 - said to be cheap, but takes impressive pictures to this day.
Steve: Those post-war Contaflexes are not that rare, but you have to be quite lucky to get one that fully works; mostly, the lightmeter is gone or inaccurate (selen cells age), and sometimes the viewfinders are spotty or murky.

I'd actually rather recommend a Contaflex III: better lens - a Tessar! - and no lightmeter to disappoint you, plus it's built like a tank. I have one here (my grandfather's camera - worth another standby shot I might need soon), but unfortunately, the viewfinder is very dirty indeed. Due to their more old-fashioned dials and handling, IIIs are often cheaper, yet they're even better made, and the lens is a gem the - quite satisfying - Pantar can't begin to match.

Even though it's quite expensive, I'll probably have both of my Tessar-bearing cameras (yes, I have another Zeiss Ikon camera ... different story) CLA'd at some not-too-distant point in time - they're just too good to let them go to waste ...

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