SIJ 15 - ciao for now

SIJ 15 - ciao for now

Driving away from the goodbye party for a friend who's been here for the holidays but lives on the other side of the world these days. And for all those wondering: I wasn't behind the wheel :smile:
Seeing your friend in that lighted your whooshing away is very poignant, Bart.

I like the feeling of time passing...even without knowing the story, I can feel it very easily through this picture.

Good for you for having your camera there to make this one.
It's as though you can see the process of the time spent with your friend fading into your memory.
An intriguing image with the light trails and the motion blur but I'd probably delete this if I made the image. I guess it is a record of that moment.

The SIJ is a real learning curve for me of how underexposed and blurred images can be valid in a given context.
This image expresses your words so well. The motion, lighting and gesture just make me feel a party to the tale.

Excellent work mate!
Thanks guys :) I'm sad to see her go again, there's no telling when she'll be back...

Bill, if it had been a sharp image I wouldn't have posted it :p some of my friends are rather sensitive about privacy so as a general rule I don't post photos where any of my friends are recognisable... and I think the effect in this shot does suit the feelings I had, although that's mostly a happy accident:biggrin:

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