SIJ 16 - bad shot, don't bother

SIJ 16 - bad shot, don't bother

unfortunately this was the only shot I took yesterday. I meant to take something better when I got home but I fell asleep. I wanted to show the ice in the ditch this house boat floats in, but it didn't really work out.
Still, I prefer to post a crappy photo than break my SIJ promise, so there you go...
I think you're both being too hard on yourself and very admirable for not breaking your promise, Bart.

Honestly, I feel as though I'm looking at an old film photograph from the 60s or something... I don't think I'd have guessed it was a houseboat...which is pretty cool. I think the glaring light is an interesting touch and that the window of the houseboat could easily be mistaken for a trailer.

There's a great deal of mystery to this picture and I find myself drawn into it because of the unsureness I feel while looking at it.
There is a lot to like about this image, with all sorts of details emerging as you look at it. makes me want to take time to explore it more an more.
Thanks for keeping the faith Bart - not a strong image but could possibly look better with some noise reduction. If it was handheld you have actually done quite well.
Good on you for sticking it out mate! As others have said, there is so much more going on in this image than first meets the eye. Gotta say that light source is compelling...what is it?

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