SIJ 17 - Three Amigos

SIJ 17 - Three Amigos

Trying to add a bit of art to infrastructure. We have four sets of these power transmission lines running through our farm and I don't like them.
Great composition - I love how the two trees on the skyline are dwarfed by the pylon - overpowered even. Four of these lines is a lot of electromagnetic radiation.
I like this very much. the softness of the clouds and the fact that the wires dip below the POV of the shooter. Very cool, nbicely processed.
Great title and even better shot.

That cloud looks both threatening and threatened by the enormity of the power-pole.

Love the composition here mate. Also the processing - nice muted colours.
If I hadn't read your description, I wouldn't have been laughing out loud here.:wink:

This is another very cool and impressionistic the colors, that wild sky and the lines coming forward, up and almost out of the frame. I think your angle is pivotal to this image's power and those "three amigos" give me a real sense of the vast space I must be looking at... I know how big those power structures are!

I can't remember what kind of camera and lens you're using, Sam, but you are using them well!

I hope now you can look at these structures and lines with a different eye...and not hate them as much anymore.

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