SIJ 18 - plastic paper bag

SIJ 18 - plastic paper bag

this is my bag for waste paper. I clearly should've gone to the paper recycling container with it a long time ago, as it's spilling over. And yes, I eat too much pizza :redface: but I tell myself it's okay since I'm training for a marathon so I need the energy :tongue:
You know, taking out the trash could be listed as "cross-training" for the marathon - Couldn't it? It looks like a contender for my wife's "avalanches" she arranges for a husband trap.:)
This is great - it made me laugh out loud and it reminds me of some kind of weird "refuse" flower - this could so easily be installation art, Bart!:biggrin:

Training for a marathon as in running - and going to law school...and doing the SIJ. Just typing that out makes me ashamed of myself for ever feeling overwhelmed.:redface::redface:

Cool image!
:rofl: Looks like you live by the same rule as us, it's all good and it's up to the person who makes it topple to take it out to the trash.

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