SIJ 20 - before we made our land

SIJ 20 - before we made our land

this ditch, between a fancy neighbourhood and a piece of land with allotment gardens, seems to be brought back to a swampish state, similar to what apparently covered most of the country before the water was pumped out and the land cultivated.
A great testament to Nature finding her equilibrium again. Now she just needs to right the native vegetation and all will be good in the world again. :wink: Nice bit of social documentary here mate.
This could have been titled "Before we made bridges". A nice corner of unmanaged land.

Aside from the clear idea that nature finds a way, and bides her time... waiting in the margins like this for a chance to reclaim what is rightfully hers, I love the reflection and the colors. But returning to the theme of nature waiting in the margins, note that in the reflection all hints of man are gone. I like it. Nature Waiting.
There's a real and wonderful richness to this one - and that reflection is quite beautiful, Bart. I think you have a really great feel for how to make the most of your camera.

I love the realness of this picture and feel as though I'm the one behind the lens.

Well done!

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