SiJ 2015 AJH Day 02 - Lunch with Lola

SiJ 2015 AJH Day 02 - Lunch with Lola

We had a brief lunch at a very crowded Panera's with my parents; between Christmas Day and New Year's, this was the only time we could catch up with them before everyone went back to work and school. Lola is Tagalog for Grandmother.
the bond of love is unmistakable here...this could only be captured by someone caught up in its bindings
I don't know what "Tagalog" means, however it is clear that they love each other. Even though your get together was brief, you're all very fortunate to be so close and so full of love. Having this bond is a very special gift.
Thanks folks. I'm originally from the Philippines - Tagalog is the government mandated dialect, but by no means the only one back home.

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