SIJ 2015 - Day 3 - Very early morning visitor

SIJ 2015 - Day 3 - Very early morning visitor

Just before 6am I wandered out to see what the day would be like... and this is who I met in the front yard. Doesn't look very old. Wandered off again after a few moments of smooching and knee launching... Pity, lovely animal. Not well looked after, scraps of fur missing. I wouldn't mind if he/she stayed.
I know she wasn't born that way, but at first glance it looks as if she was born with her head on backwards.
She was hiding the large area of skin where her fur has either fallen off or been torn off. I have a feeling nobody owns her. She was hunting breakfast. I would have fed her if she stayed but she headed off for the kitty subway under the street (stormwater drain)
I hope she'll return and find her forever home. So glad you saw her and had this first connection.
good capture, with nice lighting. Hope that cat finds a safe place to live
Good catch, I've never noticed that their head could turn so far around! Hope he/she comes back, would be lovely if she did.

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