SIJ 2015 - Day 3
Into The Mist
This was fun to take and process. Although it didn't come out how I wanted it to. I think this is a 8 or 9 image stitch, was aiming for a monstrous 18 image but one of the mini stitches (4 images) wasn't playing well with the others so I have this one and another 6 image stitch.
Thanks. Yea that's the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. It's at the point of the bend, the river keeps curving around on the right side of the image.
Thanks, I'm honestly surprised it took me this long to go down there to take pictures. That was the first time in the 3 years since I started in photography that I went down to that spot and its only a few miles away.
It turned out well even if not as intended. If you had more all we would see was a thin ribbon here!

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