SIJ 2015 - Day 6
Frozen Sunset 1/250s F/4 ISO320 Shot at 40mm

I started out getting some close ups of various things around the yard covered in snow for my safety shots. As the day progressed it looked like there might be a nice sunset. It was cloudy but it was a thin layer.

A little after 4 I looked outside and saw that it was probably going to be decent. Went down to the river and took some shots. I didn't stay too long because it was extremely cold around 10 degrees without the wind chill. But as I was getting home I noticed the sunset got even better, a lot of color was in the sky. I missed out on even better shots! I learned my lesson stay till the sun is completely set and starting to get dark, never know what will happen.
Beautiful light, very serene, like the cloud formations with the light. This is great shot, wonder what those "better shots" would have been like.
Thanks, as I was just getting home there was a lot more magenta and orange in the sky. I hopped out and took a snap with my phone, once I get them onto my computer I'll post one in the outtakes. Hopefully the phone captured the color.
There've been a few great skies in this challenge, and this sure is one of them.

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