SIJ 22 - inundated

SIJ 22 - inundated

I was at my parents' place this weekend, and we went for a walk through some forest and fields nearby. It was a pretty cold and windy day, and as you can see it has been raining a lot. That's my mom and sister walking down the road, all the way to the right.

I pushed the shadows in this photo quite a bit, I'm glad I shot raw+jpeg, because the jpeg hardly had any colour information left, it was almost like a B&W.
Such a mysterious looking scene to my eyes... I like the way you've allowed some of the colors in the grass along the edge of the water to show...and the reflections of the break in the clouds..

The two people walking, your mother and sister, towards the far right corner...just before that glow of light really draw the eye...and the journey feels as though it's going to continue.

It must have been good to be home.
love the one light in the distance, almost the only color in this scene
Sinister in a really cool way. Love the single small light desperately holding out against he darkness.

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