SIJ 23 - Mini under ice

SIJ 23 - Mini under ice

A very boring picture but I didn't have the energy for anything else. The excavation was about to begin.
Not boring at all. I love it! Its simple, clean and sharp. Well done (now tell me... what is it, I'm curious!)
It's the side of my car after its been sitting in the driveway while I was away for a week. There was an ice storm during that week.
I'd forgotten that you'd gotten a MINI!!

Absolutely not boring! From the thumbnail, for a minute I thought Luke had gone crazy and created a blood red ocean from his Floridian vacation.;)

I think it's a wonderful macro image...really quite stunning, Kathy.
I miss my MINI. It was a fun ride. When my dog was a puppy, she got carsick in it. I think it was just motion sickness. But my wife (girlfriend at the time) said it was because the MINI was too "bumpy". I tried explaining to her that the stiff suspension was what made it fun to drive. She counter-argued that I also wasn't smooth enough with the manual transmission. I could see I wasn't going to win the battle (and really needed more cargo space anyways). I still have the dog, the girlfriend became my wife, I sold the MINI to a friend and we all lived happily ever after.
This shot is about the opposite of boring. Nice isolation and abstract. I'm will Bill and thought it was a lollie or drink (cocktail?) close-up. LOve the strong colour but limited palette...and the texture and detail are superb!

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