SIJ 24 - Happy

SIJ 24 - Happy

A totally drab and dreary day but these guys are having a good time anyway. They're in town for a conference of First Nations (i.e. Indians and Innuit) and wanted me to take their picture. Solved my problem for the day!
happy shot

they are obviously "trainee" dentists or they are taking the park bench to pieces to take back home
They told me the guy with the drill was their dentist! You can't see it in the picture but he's missing all his front top teeth so who knows?
"Drill baby, drill."

Sorry, for those who know that phrase, but I just had to.

These two appear to be about 3 plus sheets to the wind, Kathy.

Such a strange portrait, but they do appear to be enjoying themselves.
well I don't know the etymology of the phrase "3 sheets to the wind", but my guess is closer to 9 sheets to the wind. Cheers, my friends!
This just makes me smile. A good friend and a few beers :)
(I do realize there is probably a down side but for the moment....)
How can you not smile when you loom at this image. Nice one Kathy.

The drill had me puzzled too. But he must be a decent dentist as it looks like a DeWalt...the Rolls Royce of drills. :eek:

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