SIJ 25 - Vases

SIJ 25 - Vases

It was beautiful day, sunny but not too cold so I decided it would be perfect for pictures of people skating on the canal. Off I went only to discover that the canal was closed. Then the clouds rolled in and then my battery died so I came home. Here you have a picture of vases on a shelf. The best I could come up with.
...and mighty fine vases they are Kathy. Love to see them all brimming with colour come the next SiJ - Single in July :wink:

Sounds like all elements were conspiring against you today? Good on ya, for braving through it! :thumbsup:
Oh Kathy - I feel for you!

Good for you for carrying on and submitting your vases - and they do catch the light with their lovely flowing shapes -even in such a darkened interior.

Tomorrow is another day!

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