SIJ 26 - Skating on the canal

SIJ 26 - Skating on the canal

Today I checked before I headed off. It was another beautiful day and the canal was open for skating.
Reminds of the outdoor skating area when I was a child. This picture evokes some vivid memories.
ALMOST makes me wish I knew how to skate, but then I remember that things need to be frozen....and that means my toes would be cold. Lovely sunny shot.
AHHH!!! Thank you so much for this Kathy. I passed by this very place last time I was in Ottawa and said to my host - I'd love to see this spot in Winter as I can imagine a scene of people skating etc. This image is exactly as I'd envisioned it.
That string of lights is great. This reminds be of a Lowry painting. Makes me really wish I were there.
I just love this shot. If I lived there, I would do this on the weekends.

"I wish I had a river I could skate away on..."
What, no hockey sticks? I thought that would be mandatory in Canada.

Very nice shot, great composition. Always nice see some type of outdoor activity in a major city, adds some appeal to the city IMO.

How beautiful - I am so glad you were able to go out and photograph this scene, Kathy!

How civilized and wonderful it must be?!

I, too, feel nostalgia for childhood skating on a river not far from where I live...though there were no lights or cities around.

My feeling is that if you're going to have winter that it should be cold and it should be enjoyed - of course good ice and sunshiny days make it that way.

Simply gorgeous and so filled with happiness!

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