SIJ 27 - Conger

SIJ 27 - Conger

Today was the first time ever I attempted street photography. It was reallllly scary (i'm kinda shy), but the few people who caught me didn't seem to mind terribly, so that was very encouraging. This market salesman was one of them, he even commented on it but he seemed to think it was funny.

Once you get the EX1 set up (24mm wide angle, f/3 or thereabouts, fast shutter speed, manual focus just shy of infinity, screen closed) it's actually a very fast, easy and inconspicuous camera to shoot from the hip, and thanks to the closed screen, even at night. I just have to improve my aim a bit :tongue:

The curled up fish in the back is a European Conger or Sea Eel. They live in the north-eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and are the largest species of Conger in the world (they can grow up to 3 metres long). I think it was there just for decoration, but it looked pretty cool with the small fish in its mouth...
Such beautiful rich colors and detail, Bart - and good for you for experimenting with a photographic adventure!

I feel shy, too, when it comes to photographing people I don't know...but at a market or a busy place (Did you listen to the latest podcast with Ray and Amin and Armando?) I think people are fine with being photographed because they're so busy.

Wonderful looking fish in front but that Conger looks as though he's still alive!

Keep up the adventures, Bart!
Congrats on 'getting out there'. This shot has an immediacy about it with the skewed angle and the cropped heads. Great colours too.
:bravo-009: For getting in amongst it mate. From little things, big things grow.

..and what a start! Nice hyperfocal which has caught some fabulous detail.
love the tilt and rich colors. Nice to hear of you pushing yourself. I need to do that a bit more.

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