SIJ 27 Window to the Inner World

SIJ 27 Window to the Inner World

I know it's daft to assume but is this either your home or a local shop? Wherever it is, jolly well done. Crisp, clear image with lots of detail to catch my eye.

I do know that if I tried that here in Glasgow and it was neither of the above, I'd be running for my life. ;)
Ah, gotcha.

It 'looks' a lot like my home with the books/knick-knacks so having been accused of living in a junk shop, I thought it might be one of those.
(for 'junk shop' read 'antique store' - we call them junk shops 'cos they buy junk and sell it as antique)
Very nice. I like the framing and the striped effect of the books. I thought it was a stripey sofa when I saw the thumbnail, so I was surprised it was a row of books.

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