SIJ 29 - Pooh and Shawn Ride Again

SIJ 29 - Pooh and Shawn Ride Again

Unfortunately these little guys were the victims of some indiscriminate bed wetting so they had to have a 'spa' and then hang out on the line for awhile.
that's an absolutely wonderful photo! I'm sure whoever caused their "spa trip" will be able to laugh heartily about this photo in later years!
At first I thought this was going to be some kind of an occult voodoo like image - but once I clicked on it, I realized it was full of love.

I love this, Sam, and it surely deserves a place of honor and is print worthy. An inspired image and imagined beautifully.

This may well be my favorite.
This made me smile. The fact that they are hanging so far apart just adds to the impact and the comedy.
A real corker Sam. Love the emotion of this shot and the way you've treated the B+W. Also love the sense of space between there's something amiss in their relationship :2thumbs:
Pooh looks non to happy about being hung up by his ears!

Quite brilliant image.

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