SIJ 31 - onwards, with hunks

SIJ 31 - onwards, with hunks

2 of my female roommates decided that what our kitchen really needed was a calendar with hunky celebrities. I honestly couldn't tell you who this is, except that he passed their hotness test, and now he's Mr February... :tongue:

I did audition for the calendar, but since I'm not a celebrity I wasn't eligible (at least, that's what they told me when they rejected me! :biggrin: )

Either way, I'm looking forward to using my lessons from the SIJ in my photographic future, starting this february!
they gave me the same excuse. I have no clue who this guy is, but I;m sure he's not half the photographer that you are. Bravo for a job well done!
That's Captain Kirk! By the way, that new Star Trek movie was my favorite Star Trek movie, narrowly edging Wrath of Khan. How about photos of the roomates too? :)
At first I assumed a self-portrait :biggrin:. Congrats on finishing - I've enjoyed your posts.
Nice finish to the challenge. I've enjoyed you're images and appreciate your comments.
Well mate it sounds like the bare décor is ripe for a few of your printed SiJ photos I reckon! :thumbsup:

You've had a great month and don't think you'll have too many dramas finding a few shots to hang that show that you are a man more of substance than looks alone :wink:
Bart, you have a great sense of humor and this one really does have me laughing - the "hotness test"! I'd never have known who he was either. I'm also laughing at Armando's love of The Wrath of Khan!:eek::wink:

You've been a real trooper through this and been so amazing with your ability to keep your pictures coming regularly along with yoru comments, Bart - and attend law school! I've enjoyed getting to know you via your pictures and your words very much and look forward to a long future with you and your pictures.

Onwards and upwards into February!:drinks:

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