SiJ - Day 01

SiJ - Day 01

A Rainy Day in Govan with my Panasonic G5 and Tokina - 28(56 eq)mm @f3.5.

This is my first attempt with this lens as I only received it yesterday. By the end of the month I hope to see a marked improvement in my images! The rain was almost horizontal coming from the left and the sky was washed out. I may need a filter on this lens?
Love the way that beautiful red door stands out so intensely behind the spreading tree... A strong statement on what looks as though it could have been a dreary New Years day!
"horizontal rain" - please keep it in the north, although I believe it's moving south and it's already getting windy here in Winchester
Thanks guys - purple fringing ahoy though...

There are actually 4 trees in a 'line astern' formation and yes, the door is essential.
Must be where Elizabeth Arden got her the Red Door here too ;) Nice balance to the composition as well
Thanks stillshunter. The story of the photograph from my perspective is this; there's a wall about 2 feet to my left and the gatepost serves as an anchor to a 5 foot high iron railing heading off to the right. Choices, choices. ;) I didn't want the whole door in shot as it would have distracted the eye rather than drawing it in. I just wish I knew more about this lens (aye, heard it) though.
It's so wet and wild outside, I never even ventured out of my pyjamas! Well done you for braving the rain. Your red door and grass are vibrant. On days like today, the colours on the ground really come alive.

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