SIJ - Day 01
Cute dog! Did you get the doggie to pose for you, or was this a "candid"? Looks like she's ready for someone to give her a big hug!
Very cute! Is she placating or using the opportunity to really flatten the cats invading the cover of her bed :laugh1:
I recognise that martyred look. Drop everything and rub my tummy now.
the lights in the eyes make it. And being on a "cat" rug is quite funny, too.
Great shot, marlof - love his or her expression and the cat pillow/blanket being their makes it!

I wonder what you'd think about bringing down the top to just above her raised paw, making it almost a square composition? Normally, I wouldn't be so bold as to suggest a crop, but I think this is an excellent image and would be made even stronger by cropping in just that much. Naturally, it's up to you. There's a famous photo that this reminds me of... If I can find it, I will.. It's not of a dog, it's of a woman...a sort of odalisque, if you will, albeit dressed in black...a well known old photo.

Anyway, I think this is great!

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