SIJ - Day 04

SIJ - Day 04

Ricoh GXR Mount A12 - Zeiss ZM 35/2

Despite best intentions I didn't get out much today - horrible wind and rain storm again - even as I write this I hear the wind and rain picking up once again but one day soon this shall pass.

In the meantime, after school I had one of my kids stand in front of a patch of grey but open sky and shot his profile and then jacked around values in post to produce this.

Tomorrow, hopefully back to colour.
You're very creative, Mike. This reminds me of those silhouettes of yore - accept the haircut and that very cool zipper detail brings us right up to the present - and very nicely, I must add!
Those silhouettes, yes. I still have one somewhere which my parents had some talent with a pair of scissors do. Brilliant work there, Mike.
Oh brilliant idea! Heralds back to the time when folks hit the High Street to have a silhouette done. The detail on the zipper teeth shows the strength of this lens of yours...
Who needs to go outside, if you can get images like this? It's the details that make the picture.
creative, different and imaginative - well done ......... and should give us all ideas

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