SIJ Day 05

SIJ Day 05

My first safety shot this morning. There were a few others but I chose this one because you can see my reflection in it using my beloved DP1 for almost the last time (baring miracles that is)
:crying: So sad Will, we will share in this fond memory with you mate....though on the bright side another can be had for peanuts nowadays if you're still keen.

You have proved, once again, that the Foveon sensor is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to monochrome. The tonal range and rendering is extraordinary!!!
Love it, Will - please let the DP1 live on. The crystal clear reality of this image is fantastic - the magic foevon at work!
Best photo of a dishwasher I've ever seen!! Reminds me that I have dishes to do! Rats ...
When I saw the thumbnail, I was expecting some sort of scaffolding, what a surprise to have that revealed, excellent visualisation.

Like grebeman I saw the thumbnail and recall the wooden scaffolds that shaded so many doorways in Saigon.
Then I see it's a dishwasher.
The truest work is nearby.

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