SIJ Day 06

SIJ Day 06

Another shot in haste. Had to assemble my new bicycle this afternoon - took me nearly 5 hours! It was around 7pm before I finished. So I grabbed the camera and cycled about 2 miles to the town centre and took about 10 shots, this was one of them.
New bike, new bike, new bike! Please take a picture of your new bike! Unusual, do you know what the message is all about?
wow you could easily have convinced me it was a collage, rather than a photo of one! Very interesting, I keep searching for clues!
I like it too. Particularly the ambiguity of the tree. Is it in the collage orin front of it?
Of course, I had to try to figure out what a "dragline" and what a "JIB" was/is...but after I got over that I really got into the picture, Norman. I like seeing your color work.

That tree in front and the stretch of green grass sets this sign off just right. I like it.

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