SIJ - Day 07 A Necklace of Barbed Wire

SIJ - Day 07 A Necklace of Barbed Wire

I had attempted a shot at this location, just 300 yards from my cottage, on day 1. Then I had aligned the camera at 90 degrees to todays shot, also included more background which was not really out of focus enough given that this lens only opens up to f/5.6. Also conditions were overcast and the result was dull to say the least.
The only similarity today was the dull conditions, otherwise a different viewpoint and higher camera angle looking down to exclude the more distant background and dull sky. The result was still rather dull as a straight colour image, but I felt the composition was rather more interesting.
So it was all down to the post processing, certainly had to be black and white. Bibble has a plug in that attempts to replicate film stock, developer and printing paper types for a wide variety of product, so in effect a very wide set of presets, with fine tuning also possible. I've tried several combinations and ended up with a simulation of Ilford Pan F, so a more contrasty film stock than my normal choice of FP4 (my favourite from my roll film days) together with a replicated hard printing paper.
So a little bit experimental for me, but hopefully it's produced a somewhat more interesting and graphic image, even if it has moved away from reality.
Well seen and captured. I'm guessing by the barbed wire we are not welcome here.
It's actually one entrance to an old 4 acre orchard attached to my neighbours property, somewhere I had at one time hoped to buy when the house was recently up for sale, so private yes, but I was allowed in last autumn to photograph the apples and indeed invited to gather apples when I wanted, so perhaps not as forbidding as the image suggests.

I think I'd like to see it in color. Everything in the background just seems to blend together (unless that was the intent). I like the POP of the barbed wire very much.
Luke, I think you'd find the colour shot quite dull and disappointing. The lens I'm using has a maximum aperture of f/5.6 and being as it's the equivalent of a 24mm lens in 35mm terms it's proving difficult on shots like this to get a nice out of focus background, so a restriction of the lens rather than artistic intent.

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