SIJ - Day 09  Anyone fancy a fishing trip

SIJ - Day 09 Anyone fancy a fishing trip

Another unremitting grey day, there was the promise of a sunny period or two after lunch but judging by the sky, no chance, so here's a safety from late this morning when I took a short walk down to the creek.
A piece of junk really, not sure that I've done it justice. A shot in a few days time would have had water in the top left hand corner as a result of spring tides which might have been a little better, then again perhaps I should have homed in on the rope and the stern section with all the leaves in some detail.
One benefit of taking a few different safety shots has been a dry run on some images that might be done more justice in the days to come, mainly with more considered composition, although one of them was probably more interesting than this, I didn't feel it appropriate to post it just at the moment, so another one for a possible revisit.
nice photo which tells a story _ I love taking pictures of boats , their all different !
Barrie, mate, I'm not sure what you mean by "doing the boat justice" - as this image does in my books - depending on what you are trying to portray of course.

A great study in texture and tone - especially as contrasted with the dark Hedera (ivy) on the right of image and what appears its salty home, with the lighter region off to the left. This adds to the feeling of movement - left to right - as does the diagonal placement. Also I like how the lines play with your eyes. Just look hard in the image for a horizontal and you find yourself lost in a web of lines leading you every which way within the hull....and the randomness of the ropes don't help you...EXCELLENT!!! Love getting lost like this...

Nice one Barrie!!!
I love abandoned boat photos. I haven't been able to find any to take photos of though.
I like this. It's like the color is decaying away like the rest of the boat.
Grey days are what they are...and as much as my psyche doesn't like them, they do offer their upsides. A wonderful study in greys for now, that I'm sure we'll see again in different light.

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