SIJ-Day 1 - Baby Tuckeroo

SIJ-Day 1 - Baby Tuckeroo

I've been wanting to try raising trees for my back yard for some time. I like the shade given by the tuckeroo out front so decided that was the thing. The local birds were kind enough to leave me some viable seeds. This is the healthiest of 5 from a planting of 9. I think its nearly time to move it to a pot of its own.
I like new seedlings! And to think, that it will likely be a nice shade tree some day, makes it even better.
Tuckeroo intrigues me ……… you cannot seriously call a plant a "Tuckeroo"
I prefer Cupaniopsis anacardioides
but I suppose it is from the soapberry family and the tree is liked by the pied currawong
A beautiful breath of new life - especially full of hope! Perhaps we can watch your Tuckeroo's growth throughout the coming months? Wonderful color, Sue!
That's a wonderful shot Sue, the colours pop! Such a cute name for a tree.

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