SIJ - Day 1:  Detail - Cesar Pelli's Malone Center

SIJ - Day 1: Detail - Cesar Pelli's Malone Center

A bit of an introduction. A year ago I shot a series of architectural studies at Yale University. In the interim I have happened upon Mu 4/3 and have decided to try to recreate a similar set of studies in this format. This is to satisfy a desire to learn these cameras and format as well as to improve on the original series. Since I work at the University, it is also convenient

This photograph is of the Daniel L. Malone Engineering Center on the bottom; designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates Architects and completed in 2005, the Malone Center is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold-certified building. It is clad in limestone veneer - which can be seen here - and features a sweeping glass curtain wall - on the opposite side of the building. (I'll get to that eventually.) The building was designed to relate in scale to Watson Hall, which is seen here at the top of the photo. Watson Hall was completed in 1986 and was designed by Roth & Moore Architects. It houses The Department of Computer Science at Yale. In the course of this month, I will photograph many of the buildings of ale University. if you want to relate the buildings I photograph to each other, you can do so by using this campus map:
Thanks all. I appreciate your comments very much. Please do not feel shy about critique as well. Part of this for me is to learn, and I have in you a perfect opportunity to really get some very helpful insight.

My back has been killing me more recently. In order to get this properly lined up and sharp, I decide to lie down on my back. So this was taken lying on my back in the alley between the two buildings.

Let me just say that in addition to the Rules brought with Single in, I am adding a very few rules. Basically I see these as constraints with which I must work. 1. Architecture as the subject matter. We'll see if I actually hit that one. 2. No cropping or straightening, all photos as shot. If I cannot get a horizon or a line straight, that's on me. 3. While I have perspective correction software, I will not usually use it. If I do, I will post the original as well. 4. I am going to use 11mm only on my zoom 9-18mm.

That said, here is the original done with a Pentax K10D and Pentax SMC-F 28 f/2.8.

I rather like the Mu 4/3 result better, based on the colors rendered as well as the focal length. I am certain I am really very much going to like this lens and that it will become a staple for me.
Not easy getting it straight, even lying on your back. I have a pile of squint Paris photos to prove it! Well done
I thought of self imposing more rules and then very quickly decided against. It'll be hard enough for me as it is!

Fantastically good image btw. Really stands out and is the sort of image that really impresses me.
I think many would have left out the adjacent building. That would b e a great mistake. I also love your Pentax shot. Totally different, but equally satisfying.
Beautiful colours and shapes. It gives me a sense of reverse vertigo!
Stunning colors and a power packed view, Seaain! Once you have your collection, I certainly hope you're going to make a book - and show them to the powers that be at Yale. The clouds are an extra added attraction in my opinion - I really think they add a great deal and, as odd as it might sound, anchor the image.
Thanks all...

BBW, I know you've seen other versions of this shot. I like this one by far the best both based on the 4/3 rendering as well as... the clouds. I think you are right... they hold the picture and the interest together. There is now something to "fall into" for the eye...

Thanks again all!


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