SIJ - Day 1
OK it's not the most inspiring was actually one of my safeties from the morning. But what I do like - and no it's not about showing off the PL25's sharpness or bokeh ;) - is the play of the sidelight on and in the budding rose.

Desaturated the colour a little as I'm not a fan of the garish ;)

I thought a rose appropriate for a symbol of the blossoming New Year....and they are probably even more often the subject of photography that will testify to the tolerance of SC in the year ahead ;)

But honestly I am trying to be more mindful of light as the subject of an image....rather than the solid objects that it illuminates.
Thanks Lili...must admit it was a strong selling point when I bought it.

BTW: this is not quite wide open but f1.8....I know, I know, I should have closed it down a little more to get a little more DoF around the rose. But I'm a sucker for the creaminess of the background at sub f2 :blush:
I like your thinking regarding the being mindful of light as a subject... in this case, you captured several different transitions of light, from a straight hard edge to a well-defined but slightly soft curve, to a gradual fade-out (or fade-in, depending on your POV) where the texture of the flower plays a large role... I like it! Bokeh's not too bad either... :wink:
lovely --- got the petal texture beautifully - please also post in the "Roses" thread wouldja?
"I thought a rose appropriate for a symbol of the blossoming New Year...." You weren't the only one :wink: I think it is also that it is unseasonal that makes it a good subject. This is a fine image, certainly more subtle than mine.

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