SIJ - Day 1
OK it's not the most inspiring was actually one of my safeties from the morning. But what I do like - and no it's not about showing off the PL25's sharpness or bokeh ;) - is the play of the sidelight on and in the budding rose.

Desaturated the colour a little as I'm not a fan of the garish ;)

I thought a rose appropriate for a symbol of the blossoming New Year....and they are probably even more often the subject of photography that will testify to the tolerance of SC in the year ahead ;)

But honestly I am trying to be more mindful of light as the subject of an image....rather than the solid objects that it illuminates.
My favorite part of the photo is the texture of the rose petal. The lines across the petal are almost like veins showing through a thin skin. Or perhaps wrinkle lines on a weathered surface.
I agree with Armanius: the structures in the rose petal make the image.
good to remember that cameras are light capturing devices. Sometimes the subject truly is secondary. Very pretty!
Very nice portrait. I love the colour rendering the the oof rendition of this shot. This shot has "classic" written all over it.
A new day has dawned!

That's a lovely color for a rose and your depth of field gives it such a dark field to stand out in, Mark.

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