SIJ - Day 1

SIJ - Day 1

I finally got home after 4 days in Disney World and 2 days in Universal Studios Orlando. We had a fantastic time, but it was more conducive to family snap shots than to any "serious" photography. In any event, this is my choice from the first day of the challenge, and the second of our trip. This was taken at the Animal Kingdom, while standing in line for a ride.
What a way to kick us off Antonio! What an intriguing shadow, especially as set against the rich colour and texture of this rendered wall. Such a complex yet simple composition...and the ladder with its rope bindings add a nice structure on the third.
Welcome back and this is a nice start.
Great tone color and texture.
Classic Antonio shot. From my short time hanging around here at Serious Compacts I think I could spot Antonio's work anywhere now!!!!
A great start, I really like the mix of shadows, structures, textures and colours.
Wow, Antonio - leave it to you to find natural beauty at an amusement park. Such glorious light. I've never been to Disney World, etc., and I'm sure it is filled with its own kind of beauty, but I'd never expected to see something like this. Show's you how prejudiced I am.:blush:

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