SIJ - Day 10  Calm seas lap Slapton Sands

SIJ - Day 10 Calm seas lap Slapton Sands

With the clearance of this mornings flat grey cloud and drizzle I drove the 5 miles to Slapton and took a series of photographs I had planned beforehand. I then had a snack and a pint of cider in the Queens Arms and found I had to waste some time in the memorial car park waiting for a local Post Office to open after lunch.
As I sat there I suddenly realised that there was a photo opportunity staring me in the face and I set to to capture the scene. The first couple of shots had a trawler on the left hand side, and although distant I felt it gave some balance. However the line of surf was always in the right hand third of the shot and more or less vertical in the shot. I felt that this diagonal line of surf together with the pebble in the foreground worked better, so here it is, presented with my usual slightly contrasty style.
The promontory on the horizon is Start Point, the radio masts from day 04 are just out of shot on the right.

Gorgeous, Barrie! To think that one could have this view while waiting for the Post Office to open!!!!! Envy is a bitter thing, so I'll try to push it down.

Simply wonderful - the play between the clouds and the surf, the stony beach...everything. Wow!
Great shot! You're close to the water surface and the sea is so smooth, it looks like the world really is flat and you really will fall off if you sail too far from land!
I knew it was yours Barrie before I clicked on it ! Lovely photo and I love the angle !
I'll have to get down there some day Barrie, the cider, (sorry, I mean't the photo opportunities), look great

another one to add to your great shots of the areas beauty .............
So much movement - and all for the element of Water. Water on the land moving left to right and water in the sky seeming to be going right to left....and yet both have a sense of swirling endlessly. Great composition here too Barrie - especially with the dark finger/premonitory on the top third, the strong diagonal of the incoming water and that lone large pebble in the foreground. So well seen and done!!!
The photograph and scene have a tranquilizing emptiness and calmness I really like. While the composition is simple, it is also very effective. Yet the photograph is still full of small details.

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