SIJ Day#10 - Sunny Day Play

SIJ Day#10 - Sunny Day Play

My wife had a half day of work so we enjoyed a rare couple hours of daylight time together so we took the dogs for a walk and some fun.

I've added a few other shots because we had so much fun. Of course, I spent most of the morning processing these and now I have to shoot one for today. I don't think I can make it through the month. The time demands are just too much.
Luke - it's great when you can do that and escape the pressures of work - all look extremely happy which is what life should be about
Great images that really capture the atmosphere of the day, the weather and the enjoyment

It is good of you to post them - they should make us all smile
Excellent image Luke. The whole family looks so alive and happy!!!

I have to say, with your chosen image, I love the lighting most. The back-lighting has done amazing things - e.g., the edge effects on the leads are divine!!!
The processing on this is very natural, but I like the high contrast processing of the alternates as well. The slight oof of the background on the challenge photo gives it a very 3-D feel. Nice job!
You have captured the lighting beautifully as well as a sense of enjoyment. Hang in there.
Dog walking ballet! Great fun and I, too, like your pping, Luke. I know it's difficult. Look at it this way...there'll be lots of extra photos to work on when winter really blasts its way in and you're snowed in.:wink:

Hang in here with us if you can, Luke. Pretty soon, you all are going to see my kitchen sink.

Each one of your pictures made me smile and feel very happy.
But you did manage to capture the fun! I've decided to skip processing when time is pressing too much, and combine some days in posting here. I still shoot every day, and select my shot every day though.

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