SIJ - Day 10
[B] Dawn range [/B]
Apologies folks but I've had to rely on my safety from first thing this morning. After Round 6 today of Mark vs Grass - I'm just dog tired and so sooooore!

I'd preferred not to upload a dawn landscape, as I've got the other half of this challenge happening when I'm back at work and so with my short days I'll be falling back on these a fair bit.

I sometimes get a little blasé about my sunrises, but looking back on this one they are pretty nice.

Very minimal PP as I wanted to portray mornings as I see them. Stitched three images with a far amount of overlap.
So is that type of sunrise regarded as a warning of the weather to come, or a good omen for the day ahead? That swirling effect just above the tree reminds me of the type of thing you see from photographs of planets taken from orbiting satellites. This is one where the silhouetted foreground is perfectly in keeping with the image. No need to apologise for posting such an evocative image, it raises the spirits when I look out here on another grey dawn with the finest light drizzle, though I have to admit there's the hint of a little brightening.

Don't ever get blase about sunrise, Mark, its a beautiful time of day even if you dont feel like photographing it. I love the clouds here, just gorgeous.
wow, incredible sunrise! The fact that it's seen minimal PP'ing makes it even more impressive. Panorama worked out nicely, too!
Fire in the skies - dramatic and powerful, Mark. I admire your efforts on your place as well as your "stitching" abilities. Stunning!

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