SIJ - Day 10
It kinda felt like a transition day. Things are changing, hopefully in a positive direction. Finally on the move again and I am taking control.
A nice exploitation of all the various lines receding into the mist. I'm glad to see it was taken from an official crossing point :)

I like the B & W treatment - it is different and the shot is very well seen

(interesting enough there was a documentary on "The Great Train Robbery" in 1963 on UK TV last night - they eventually caught them all except one who they believe is still around and they named him "The Ulsterman")
A great shot from the birds on the top of the tree to the lines receding into the mist.
Text and image are in total agreement. Excellent! Also, beyond the symbolism, I really like what you've done with the processing. Desaturated but full of life...
That gridlines of metal in the forefront exudes power and strength to me and the rail lines disappearing into that foggy, misty vanishing point feel hopeful. An adventure in the making!

I like the split toning, too, very much Wouter. All the best on this next leg of your journey!
A moment of expectancy. Train bast of sound then the unstoppable rushing engine charging out of the fog! Get off the tracks, now, just in case.

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