SIJ - Day 10

SIJ - Day 10

Took several photos which could have been "it" for today, but they were all pretty standard fare and didn't do "it" for me. This is my salute to Seurat - call it "Afternoon in the Starbucks". ;-)

I had the camera on Program mode and decided to see what it would do. Another one was very pretty and in great focus, but this is my single for day ten. This particular Starbucks always reminds me of a bar...with plenty of regulars.
Great shot BB!

Now this is what SIJ is all about to me!!!! Having the freedom - or is that "desperation":wink: - to explore novel things you wouldn't normally do with your lens and camera. Reaching a point with subject matter that the image then becomes the subject. Excellent work indeed!

The grain and OOF rendition is superb, even more evocative a story then pin-sharp people about their business. This one is so much more telling and leaves room for your mind to engage and fill in the blanks in space and time.

Love it BB, absolutely! :2thumbs:
I assumed it was a bar and that certain substances had been consumed, possibly in excess and certainly more than my pint of cider for lunch on day 10. Quirky, yes, but nothing wrong with that, pointillism, when can we expect the musical, "Sunday in the Starbucks with BB".
More power to your elbow, or should that be shutter finger.

I like the impressionist look of this picture, makes you focus on the colours and shapes.
wonderful, although I can't quite put my finger on what it is that captivates me - hopefully it'll come to me later!
impressionism in painting rarely does it for me, but in photography.....MORE please!

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