SIJ Day 10
Another shot taken in haste. Used the flash and was finding getting the exposure right was pure trial and error - the camera metering was way out. Possibly a result of the main light was from a TV which was varying in brightness from second to second.I also guess that metering for flash would be more accurate with an AF lens?

Had even less time to shoot tonight. After finishing work I was about to get on my bike when I discovered I had a flat tyre! The 1 hour walk home pushing my bike was not pleasant.
I'm so sorry about your flat tyre - and that walk!

You may have found this challenging, but it looks good to me. I feel as though I'm right there, perhaps on my knees...but there in the present at that doorway and I'm wondering what the heck is on the other side.
Like the sparkle just beyond the door - sometimes it's hard to see these little plays of light when you're :026: with life's curve balls - such as an unrequired flat tyre!

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