SIJ - Day 10

SIJ - Day 10

GRD3 sat on the shelf for most of the day, I was all settled in my PJs tonight catching up on my SIJ comment writing and watching a repeat of Friends on tv tonight when my hubby suggested a walk. Out we went (obviously got changed first), camera in hand and this was the best of my snaps.
Good for your husband - and for you! It's great that you live somewhere in which your walk offers such an opportunity. Love the stars!
I don't know how to respond to this kind of environment, being most of my life in the country. I know much of the world thinks nothing of it. But this picture leaves me feeling awkward, it is so real and yet so foreign to me. Thanks for the experience, without the "exposure".
Is the New Happiness better than the old happiness. Serious question posed by your picture.
a nice vibrant city scene....I like the guy about to enter the door. Cool process, too.
Intriguing story here Karen. I'm with Kathy I'm thinking about New Happiness...Hmmm....and the young fellows immanent entrance to that place.

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