SIJ - Day 10
Feel terrible that I've been slacking off. The combination of work and laziness can get overwhelming. And lack of creativity too. On the other hand, the Fuji X10's sharp lens continues to amaze me. I took this selfie and cropped it to focus on my eyes. I decreased the clarity quite a bit to hide my wrinkles, and the photo still looks sharp in spite of the crop and reduction of 1024 pixels. What a camera!
Recognised those eyes from the avatar. Impressive sharpness close up (I miss that on the X100).
Frighteningly Sharp! You are blessed with great eyes and skin, Armando!
I can't avoid this thumbnail, and the full-size image is much worse. Those eyes are hypnotic Armando.....I can see now how you get your way my friend :wink:

Very very sharp! Yes, Armando, the lens and you mate :laugh1:
Yup, I knew it was you, too, Armando but this time you look so serious! Good idea - I like the idea of softening wrinkles. Maybe I'll try this!

I think you've fallen for your X10 and that she's has a forever home.:biggrin:
LOL! Thank you folks for the very kind words.

Lili, LR does wonders in making the skin look better. I can thank Photoshop Elements (which has since been retired) in my avatar.

Bob, if you were looking at the photo while listening, you'd have stopped listening after 5 minutes!

Mark, if I had "hypnotic eyes" and got "my way", I'd be retired, living in Hawaii, and takinig photos with a titanium M9 with a titanium Summilux 50 (along with the prototype XPro1, Leica S2, the rumored Olympus OM-look-a-like "pro" camera, Nikon D4, and the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn).
have to remember that "smoothing" tip......I ain't getting' any younger.
I'd have preferred to see you in the raw rather than airbrushed. I like rugged realism!

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