SIJ - Day 11
[B] Captive Light [/B]
Not much chance for photography today - and not the weather to take on the Grass either...thank goodness!!

Found this image this morning, in the corner of my old garage. Well it was once the garage and is now the dog kennel - OK it's a big 'kennel' but we do have a lot of dogs :blush: It was first thing in the morning - the sun only minutes up and I noted the play of light in the corner. Intriguing but at the same time this innocent space looked a little ominous.

Played a little with the curves, contrast and saturation in LR. I thought the image showed a nice range for the 'out-moded' MFT sensor of the GF1 - almost has a HDR look to it. But then again that's the beauty of diffused morning light...
Agree with all of your points on this and will add that I like the composition, split as it is left upper to tight lower by light and shadow. The shadow in upper right tends to shape the light a little more into a triangle. Very subtle and interesting, esp. as projected on the texture.
The lighting is very good, and the tones pretty. It feels slightly dark, probably because I see the strut as the gallows you draw for hangman, and there is a string noose on it. Overactive imagination? You betcha. There's something "Of Mice And Men" about it.
somehow when I saw the thumbnail I knew this was one of your shots. Wonderful play of light and shadows!

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