SIJ - Day 11
The Musician and His Crowd

Street musician playing for a small crowd in Old San Juan.
Love it. There's a story right here. BTW, you didn't by chance flip the image did you as the musician is playing left handed. Very unique.
Antonio I'm not going to bore you with a long exegesis on this shot, but suffice it to say it is one of my favourites of yours that I have yet to see during my years at SC.

Everything from the feel, composition, Fov, DoF, it's all just right! .....and the icing on the cake? The hanging of the head - I can feel his movement and passion reflected also in the symmetry of the right arm and leg - both exposed from behind a roll up and animated and in tune. Love the foot languidly tapping in the loose shoe...

Antonio, again, one of your best!!
Refreshing! Beautifully seen and the interplay of this guitar player so deeply involved in his music and the listener's rapt attention is what its all about.
Everyone in the scene seems happy. That feels like a rare thing to me. Very nice!

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