SIJ - Day 11

SIJ - Day 11

Very strong graphic. The dove is a wonderful touch. The processing as always is something that draws me in.
Oh BB - your signatire style once again - obvious from the thumbnail. :thumbsup: Love the strong graphic feel, the dove and pink dots just make you smile. Also like the additional dimension added by the shadows. Another worthy addition to your portfolio!!
Very nice! Love the juxtaposition of lines, textures, and that hint of pink in the middle of the shades of grey! I totally agree with Mark -- worthy of a portfolio!
Everyone else has already mentioned it and today I got it in spades. I opened it up and said, "It's got to be BB" and then scrolled down....Yup. Your processing is either super consistent or there's something else hidden in there, but your shots are becoming instantly recognizeable to me.

Having a personal and recognizable style is something I hope to attain one day, but I don't want to force it. I want it to evolve organically and naturally as I assume yours has.
It's the pink dots that give the image the punch for me, really like this one BB. Great shot.

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