SIJ - Day 12
[B]Lights are amber[/B]

Our house pump decided it was going on strike without notice first thing this morning. No pump = no water! So after exhausting all known expletives in at least fourteen foreign languages, just before lunch I thought I'd duck into town for anything to effect an interim fix for the pressure switch. Well you city slickers get a little frustrated when the going's slow? Well try on your road rage against half a ton of cow and then times that by five hundred or more.

Did I fix the pump? Well it's going, but for how long is anybody's guess - then again bush mechanic solutions sometimes hold up for longer than you'd think :thumbup:
An iconic image complete with a couple of kelpies - expected a bit more dust. I like this one Mark.
Mark, it's good to see some of your hinterland, and rendered very well in black and white, an iconic image of Australia in my mind put there by the film The Overlanders, except I don't recall blacktop roads and certainly not riders hard hats, oh well you can't have it all. Great exploitation of an opportunity that just presents itself and full justification of carrying a camera even when it seems unlikely to be used.


You and I certainly live in VERY different neighborhoods...This is a scene I would never encounter in my daily commute. Great shot, as usual. Nice tones and details, and interesting subject matter.



Your choice of this soft B&W or sepia like color adds to the feeling that out in the country the years don't change things as quickly as they do in the more crowded areas that so many of us live in.

I look forward to seeing more photographs of your area and your lifestyle, Mark. Love seeing the Kelpies and cowboys doing their thing!

Fingers crossed on that pump!
Mark, in our country, I live on the countryside. But... for you I'd be a city slicker indeed. Nice tones in this image, by the way.
Crikey! I haven't seen a cattle drive for YEARS (nothing since around 1960, I reckon) Well caught, Mark :)

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