SIJ Day 12
Sat down and pre-focused on an area in my town centre. Stopped the lens down to about F8 and waited for some subjects to walk into the zones of acceptable focus either side of me. Shot looking down into the LCD which was set to b&w mode with focus peaking turned on. Worked out reasonably well for a first attempt and I did not draw too much attention to myself. Makes a change from my usual style of shooting on the move and getting in close with the GRD IV's 28mm lens.
the grisliness of a modern English town centre .. even the "official" signs are mis-punctuated ... no dogs ... no smoking ... no skateboarding ... no cycling ... no alcohol ... CCTV is watching you ...
Norman - your speciality seems to be to capture shots like these and the way you "craft" such scenes deserves commendation

well done a very good image in so many respects
When I was a little boy, I liked making funny faces. My grandma would say, "What if your face froze like that?"
This is the result.
Norman, thanks so much for the backstory on how you made this picture. That's one thing I'd like to have - that flip up screen....but I digress.

Great framing and the two women with their very different expressions came along at just the right time, didn't they? I like your black and white very much, too.

I'm still laughing at Luke's remarks.:redface:

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