SIJ - Day 12

SIJ - Day 12

And the rains came.

I wish it had been snow, but it would have been a blizzard. My husband would have been out there for hours...but it would have offered some great photo ops. ;-)
Well, do I detect a change of signature. I'm not sure what it is in reality, but I presume water is involved, perhaps lying on a bulk of timber, some fluting appears there and wonderful muted colours, hmmm:confused:, fascinating.
BB - your'e going psychedelic, or something -keep taking the pills I'm sure they are doing something

- three broken toes here - I'm feeling a bit like a "man hero" - (until they start hurting that is)
OK, first off - I'm sorry about your poor toes, Bill! Please give us the full details and updated photo out in the current SIJ thread - in color, please!:wink:

Barrie, it's the railing on our back porch...looking down onto the gravel driveway that was quite filled with large puddles of water. And no I did not take any pills whatsoever, Bill - except my vitamins.:biggrin:
definitely psychedelic. I love it! ANd I'm glad for your husband's sake that it was rain.
I too like the psychedelic look too. At first I thought it was window in the top third out of focus to emphasize the moisture but now I see what it is. Cool

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