SIJ Day 13, Crosses

SIJ Day 13, Crosses

Nice exposure here Lili. Although it's a House of God, I can't escape the fact that it's creepy. Might be the RV in the background, I'm not quite sure what it is but it looks an ideal staging ground for a lynch mob...
Went to a partly open air church like this once. I assume the noise was left deliberately (as film grain).
Thanks Mark, I see this on my way to and from the Hospital.

Bill I opted to emphasize the noise

No disrespect is meant to to this Church or anyone, BTW
they seem to be "big on crosses" in Dallas - I agree "it's creepy" and has conotations of the past
The whole shot seems to be composed of crosses, or at least T's, I've lost count of how many.

it does seem a bit intimidating, but nice shot! It wasn't untill grebeman's comment that I saw just how many T's and crosses there are in this photo...
Well seen, Lili. I admire you for keeping up with this SIJ with all that you have going on.

We all bring so much of our selves to looking at pictures. This one packs a great deal of a wallop, obviously, for many of us.
I find it forbidding not welcoming with its chain link fence and spotlights.

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