SIJ - Day 13
[B] Who watches over the watch dog [/B]
OK I could have been a little more creative today, but I hit a lull. When I started becoming restless, my partner asked what was the matter and I reminded her that I had to take my photo for the day. She said "why not take a photo of Peggy". "I don't do cutesy photos, you know that"...but I thought I'd play with overexposure by opening up the curtains behind me and over my left shoulder. This flooded the wall behind her with light, which I thought added a little to her elegant posture as she lay dreamt.

After yesterday's shot of kelpies at work I thought I'd show you all what a real working example looks like in action!
very arty and creative - your shot works well - I expect it will appear again

(it was also ours dogs favourite position)
cool shot! I like the horse image floating in the overexposed wall :smie: like an equestrian angel watching over your sleeping dog:flypig:
[edit] hmm thought that last smiley was a flying horse but now I see it's a pig... well, just think of it as a flying horse :wink:
This one got me before I clicked it open And it being of man's two best (animal) friends, just makes it better!
Love this one, Mark! Here's to going out of your element, photographically, because look at what you've achieved?

I think this is a great image and my heart belongs to Peggy.
Aw man, a cutesy picture by you. What SIJ doesn't do to people...

J.k: the exposure does bring something special to this image.
Peggy in the chair is great but I'd crop out the horse above. I find it distracting.

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