SIJ Day 13

SIJ Day 13

I was in this park intending to shoot nature and someone walked by in the background and I thought I could shoot people instead. Then I found this bench which kept me out of sight unless you happened to look left at the right moment. This woman did look left and clocked me. I was in continuous mode and fired off 3 shots - she was looking at me/my camera in all 3. She probably heard the shutter.

It's a new location for me. Been there before but never considered shooting street there. It's nice to get a bit of greenery into your street work now and then.
All looks so cold Norman. Icy stare, bare trees and uninviting hard bench. Very well done!

Is that a camera in her left hand?
She looks completely p'd off. And I reckon that *is* a camera in her hand. Maybe you had her spot, Norman :)
It's good to see color - and you had good lighting, Norman.

I assume she just kept walking?

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