SIJ - Day 13

SIJ - Day 13

A wild day of clouds and light yesterday here along the coast of the Metro New York area... I managed to get down to this wonderful park we have. Here's one from the bunch.

Have to tell you that I couldn't really see what I was getting in the frame. I knelt down on one knee, aimed, and pressed the shutter button. I was lucky, I think, because this is what I was after.
BB's signature of a saturated and slightly gritty image to the fore, good result for your "lucky shot".

I knew this one was yours, BB, even when I looked at the thumbnail. Bright colours, grainy, wonderful. Definitely a BB style :)
{ppcode}nice composition and great job on the sky! What's with the flags planted in the ground?
Thanks to you all for your comments.

As for the flags being in the ground - and just being there at all - my guess is that they are from Veteran's Day. Someone probably placed them there in honor and memory. Next time I go back, I'll look to see if there is any sort of memorial plaque there. I certainly felt it was a remembrance.

I can see that there is a plaque or some kind over by the flagpole but I'm sorry to say that I didn't even notice it when I was photographing since it was so incredibly bright out. I had my polarized sunglasses on...and just knew that I wanted the flags against the bright blue sky with all those clouds. Though this is not a realistic image, it is how it felt to me.
Wonderful processing here BB - in keeping with your style. I think the biggest selling single item in the US must be the Stars and Stripes. When I think back on my visits there, I cannot recall an image without a flag in it. Can I ask why these seemly random planted flags are here?

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