SIJ - Day 14
[B]Were those the days?[/B]

Awful day outside today, cloudy with rain and then absolute humidity. But a great day inside! I ended up getting to finally look through slides that I found a week or so ago. I stumbled on an interesting little case while tossing out my recycling at a roadside station (that's a rural stop with about 20 bins in a row). Inside were about 300 slides. (....not sure why these memories were discarded but I suspect they were excess to the intended inheritance!)

Very curious indeed!

Well my father-in-law dropped an old projector over a few days ago and with things being unsuitable outside we sat down and watched the slides. Took about 2 hours to load and watch them, and 99% were horrid. Out of focus, over/under-exposed or simply boring churches, bridges, boats, planes and the like. There were a few (about 10) street shots and these were intriguing, even just to spy the fashion in the 60's.

On the whole these slides were awful and I suspect taken by a father and son. In a few shots you can make out a despondent mother and in every frame she is clutching an old box brownie. She always looks so distant and forlorn. Oddly I only really liked a few shots. Noting that the father and son are in most of these frames, and they have such a distinctive style, I suspect these few frames were actually made by the sad wife and mother.

Here's one of her's (forgive the quality as I only shot the projected image from the wall...

Shot today's image of the slide-box and projector straight after watching the show - and tred to capture, not only the emotion of nostalgia, but also the colours of the images projected on my wall. A very interesting exercise, I think I'd like to hunt down more old slides...
a real nice nostalgic look, love slides and projectors
funny back then we never cropped or retouched just displayed them they way they were shot
Excellent photo. You certainly did succeed in capturing the colors and evoking the feeling of nostalgia of the old slides. I wonder whether many of our treasured photo collections will meet with the same destiny when we are gone...
I have a few hundred packed away also. Intend to get them out soon and do some time travel. Reminder of life gone by but still part of us. Thanks for the memories.
great story, and a really great SIJ photo - your processing matches the story and theme so well! Very filmic...
The image really does show it's sad background. I think if 'a picture can say a hundred words' this would be one of them.
Wonderful, Mark. Both the story...the image that you usurped and your own. Seeing that old station wagon brings back memories...and the slide's own feeling. What an interesting find. You must have felt a little weird looking at someone's "lost" pictures. I find the slide's image to be very poignant, as do I your suppositions about the mother with her Brownie.
I'm going to have the Paul Simon Kodachrome song running through my head all night long now. Now you can share my pain too:

You give us those nice bright colors
You give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away

Thanks for the memories. Going to load up some slides tomorrow and visit the past.

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